One of The Best Retirement City In Our World

Penang is no longer the “only” worldwide well reputed destination for retirement as a recent ranking sees Ipoh coming up as the second preferred destination by foreigners to retire in Malaysia.
If we look at Ipoh from a “retired person’s” point of view, it really offers relaxant panoramas, clean and fresh air, nice mountains where the most adventurous mat salleh can go for a one day trekking, pleasant and inclusive environment with plenty of water features and natural lakes everywhere.
Strategically located half way between Penang and Kuala Lumpur; Ipoh offers easy connectivity to these two vibrant cities through the North South Highway or by rail for a more “tasty” transfer. Even though the count for Ipoh population brings up above half a million; when walking around Ipoh city center, the tourist can still taste and feel the small town quiet environment.
Ipoh ranked among world’s best places to retire
PETALING JAYA: It is rather interesting to note that Ipoh has been named as one of the nine best places to retire in the world.
It is also the world’s third most affordable, after Vietnam and Thailand.
This was revealed in US News, a recognised leader in college, graduate school, hospital, mutual fund and car rankings.
It said Ipoh is an increasingly popular retirement haven among Malaysians, who claim its fresh air, clean water and relaxing lifestyle not only improves the quality of life but also promotes longevity.
Foreign retirees are beginning to take note.
Despite having a population of more than half a million, Ipoh feels like a small town. You can expect first-world healthcare and a modern infrastructure but no overcrowded city centre packed with skyscrapers and high-rises.
Friendly locals speak English, making it easy to assimilate, and lenient immigration policies make Malaysia an easy country to live in full or part time.
Source : The Sun Daily
April 28, 2014